Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This summer:7: Feeling Lucky

I am currently in Japan for my time off. I just had a lovely night's sleep in my hotel on the Yokota AFB where I will be for the next 3 nights. My room is wonderful. I am so thankful to have a full kitchen!!! I probably won't do much cooking this week, but when I come back here in 2 weeks to lead Yokota's DI camp, it will revolutionize my eating. I am thrilled. No kidding, I have been researching ways to cook with a clothes iron. I am so used to being able to cook my own food, that I was going crazy always eating out or eating prepackaged meals.
The view from my room makes me so excited. MOUNTAINS!!!! I have been on mountain withdraw, ohhhh, for my entire life, I think. I am gonna go work out and if Charles is still sleeping, go find my way over to the bases' Outdoor Rec building and try to get the low down on cool stuff to do in the area. :)

The plane ride was a breeze. I thought it was going to be torturous, but I had a blast. I was in the very back seat, so it was quiet and I had extra space behind me to put my stuff. Every other row other than First Class had 3 seats in it except for mine! Also, there was a wonderful Japanese man that sat next to me and let me have the window seat. I spent a lot of time just looking out the window. Our path took us across the great lakes, western Canada, Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. Alaska and BC were BREATHE-TAKING from the air, and the clouds were incredible.

Other than looking out the window I read part of East of Eden (love it), read parts of my Lonely Planet Japan book, watched movies (part of Rain Man, most of A Beautiful Mind, slept during Chicago, the beginning of Mama Mia and Nine-dumb and dumb-, and the old classic The Holiday), played Tetris, slept (I didn't sleep the night before in prep), ate tasty Japanese plane food and most importantly, talked to the sweet man next to me.
His name was something like Tokonunoati. He has 2 kids and gave me a bunch of tips on Japan. Charles keeps laughing at me because I make friends everywhere we go. haha After every flight, my seat partner is always waving at me from across the airport, and Charles is like, "whaaaaa?" hilarious.

Okay, keep it tuned here for more adventures!


  1. Hey ha! Doesn't surprise me that you are making a lot of new friends :) Missing you a lot! I command you to have a blast!! Beijos tchau minha amiga