Saturday, December 11, 2010

60 Days of Beauty: Day 6: Smoke Rings

Friday was our Canvas (bible study/church thing) Christmas party.  It was super fun complete with white elephant gifts, a massage train (haha can you feel the love?) and the hit if the party, the homemade pretzels Brian and I made (joke).  But, perhaps my favorite moment of the night happened after many of the guests left.  For some quirky, random reason, people that go to the Canvas seem to really love to smoke pipes... Gandolf-style, old man-style, Frosty-style... it doesn't matter.  So, at about 11 pm, everyone left at the party piled into the clammy garage to take in the sweet melodious aromas of motor oil, deteriorating cardboard and Joe's Blend tobacco.
I just find this so absolutely wonderful and hilarious.  I hate few things more than when churches do things a certain way based entirely on tradition or don't do things based entirely on taboo.  True, my grandparents might be mortified at the sight of the local youth group crammed in a garage blowing smoke rings, but at the same time there is something so incredible about a group of 20-somethings choosing to laugh, talk, and live life together in the name of Jesus Christ on a Friday night in Collegetown, Indiana. 
As silly of imagery as it is, I still find it quite beautiful. 

"What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing.  It also depends on what kind of person you are." -CS Lewis

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