Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Announcement

Hi Folks,

So some of you already know this, but to many of you it will be the saddest thing you have ever heard and will probably ever hear.  So, grab a roll of toilet paper (for your incessant tears, of course.) and have a seat because I am about to drop a big freakin' piece of news.

In September I will be moving to Houston, GodBlessTexas, to pursue an alternative teaching accreditation through a program called Region 4.  I was heavily considering staying in Bloomington to obtain a similar certificate but literally the day after I wrassled up all the requirements for my IU application, I decided Houston was the best option for me.
Here's the play-by-play:

IU: $17,000 Tuition=Major debt
R4: $3,700 Tuition=Paid for by this summer's job.

IU: Certificate obtained in 3 semesters with a Masters to follow.
R4: Certificate obtained in 2 semesters.

IU: Would require me to find a job and stay in the Bloomington area for several years after obtaining certificate to take Masters classes and would be hard to relocate with little teaching experience at a Masters salary.
R4: Allows me to apply for job and move where ever I want to after May.

IU: Pay full rent in Bloomington.
R4: Live with sister and get the family discount. :)

So that's how it's gonna be.  Here are the reasons I am super excited and kinda bummed in list form:

Reasons I am Super Excited
1.  In a little more than a year, I will hypothetically be a real person with real person lifestyle, salary and
2.  I get to live with my amazing sister, incredible brother-in-law, hilarious niece and cuddly dog-
3.  As a teacher I will get summer breaks to do any/all of the following: travel, mission work, rock
climb, photography, learn to fly airplanes... whatever!
4.  As a teacher I will get to problem-solve daily, teach kids how to think for themselves, mentor kids,
encourage kids, start DI teams, start Bible studies, start rock climbing clubs, coach volleyball, direct
plays... whatever!

Reason I am Kinda Bummed
1.  I will miss being with all of the wonderful people in Bloomington.  I will miss the community created
at the Canvas. I will miss Mark bringing me apples and thermometers when I am sick. I will miss
dancing, singing, praying and crying with Colleen whenever I want. I will miss running through the
golf course at midnight screaming obscenities with Katie. I will miss trying to convince Hannah D to
sleep on our couch every other  night. I will miss Broderick providing me with a constant stream and
perfect balance of hilarity and insight. I will miss Abiola giving me hugs, telling me how white
I am and smelling like she just stepped out of Heaven. I will miss Jackie's boyfriend tees, Stephen's
jokes, Anna's laugh, Rachel and Alena's handstands, Charity's smile, Giff's vocal ellipses, Michaela's
bare feet, Brian's singing and so so SO much more from so many amazing people. You know who
you are (seriously, don't sell yourself short.  I mean you!), and you are deeply loved and will be
deeply missed. You all are the people that have seen me grow and have helped me find who I was
made to be.

However, all is not lost just yet.

I will be in Bloomington for a little bit before I drive down to Texas.  I will come down around August 17th and be in town for a couple days before leading my final kayaking trip for IUOA to Michigan until the 24th.  I'll then probably bum around for a week and a half until Stephen and Lydia's wedding on September 4th and leave for Texas shortly thereafter.  I am super-duper pumped for this time and can't wait to leave town officially and in style. :)

*PS. I lost my phone in Delaware, so if you made it to the end of this message, you win.  Send me a text with your name in it to redeem your major award.