Sunday, December 12, 2010

60 Days of Beauty: Day 7: Change of Plans

Yesterday, the plan was to go to a Christmas party at my work friends' house where we were going to dress up in fancy clothes and be sophisticated.  But then I decided I would rather go to a more casual super awesome fun Christmas party near Lake Monroe with a bunch of my others friends.  But then by the time it got around to it, I realized I was still tired from the Christmas party the previous night and the weather was supposed to get hazardous.  Considering I have 3 8-year-old tires on my tiny truck, I didn't feel like chancing my life on the curvy Southern Indiana roads in the middle of the night in a snow storm.  So, Colleen, Katie and I decided to spend the night inside, eat fine cheese, drink some cowboy wine and watch Shrek 4.  Plan 3 was going along great until one of our other friends decided to come over for a study break.
The night turned into the four of us sitting around the kitchen table reading our own poetry or writing to each other for at least an hour.  It then turned into us talking about anything and everything for several more hours, adding another friend around 1 am and talking some more.  Finally around 4 am we hunkered down in the living room to watch Shrek 4 where I ended up falling asleep shortly after the opening credits.
It was a great night.
Don't be an ogre; be open to change!  Plans can be a lot of fun, but when you let yourself deviate every once in a while, you might surprise yourself with something really, really beautiful.

"Well, folks, it looks like we're up chocolate creek without a popsicle stick." -Gingy, Shrek 2


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