Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So there was this cat that kept trying to come into the ER, and they were gonna have to call the humane society or something to take it away, but my dad was just like, "Hey, I'll take it."
His name is Barkley (cutest name ever), he is orange and white with the hugest greenish-yellow eyes ever. Oh, yeah, and he has six toes on both of his front feet . crazy, eh? plus he's so so so so so so cute. right now he is passed out on the floor by my feet like he's playing dead.
"What? A cat in the Speicher house?" you may be saying. "Inconceivable!"
Dad was totally planning on just keeping it in the barn with our other 2 cats, but then we found out that he is declawed and a pussy (no pun intended). So, we're trying the indoor cat thing which is awesome because he is decalwed already, litter box trained, neutered, and amazing. I want to teach him to jump through hopes like cats in Burma.