Friday, January 30, 2009

26 Things

1---I have 26 "Sticky Notes" on my computer desktop.

2---I am currently listening to the song "Boardwalk Angel" by Pono

3---Ultimate comfort food: grilled cheese and tomato soup.

4---I almost became vegetarian after seeing a pig sticking just its nose out the side of a truck on its way to slaughter. Still can't get the image out of my head.

5---I have learned more from my 10 year old cousin than from a lot of my professors.

6---I am, in the words of my boss, a "go-getter".

7---I am the biggest shoe snob with the cheapest shoes.

8---Things that don't matter to me, REALLY don't matter to me.

9---I'd rather watch a sunset than photograph it.

10--I'm not a big fan of concerts, but I love live music, especially jazz.

11--I was the president and founder of my high school's Lumberjack Club.

12--Harrison Ford and I have matching scars.

13--My teeth are prone to cavities.

14--I am a barefoot kind of girl.

15--I like to motivate and encourage others.

16--I am now listening to the song "Suits are Picking up the Bill" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

17--I sometimes feel like I should have lived in the Roaring 20's or the 1960's America.

18--I like to think about myself having an accent to other people.

19--I was a member of the world's largest kazoo band.

20--I used to think that riding a camel was worthy of being on my "List of Things to Do in my Life" until I saw a man giving camel rides in the parking lot of JC Penny. It was just kinda sad, I guess.

21--I still have a crush on the first grade version of Eric Scott.

22--I realized a while ago that my friends growing up used to make fun of me, and that really affected me. I don't have those kind of friends any more.

23--I am going to be an aunt in a couple days.

24--I am now watching one of my favorite movies, "A River Runs Through It" directed by Robert Redford.

25--I like where I see my self headed.

26--I don't know where I am headed.