Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One for the Speichers...

One of the favorite Christmas conversation topics is, well, past Christmases.-wow Is it just me or does that word look crazy?- Anyway, some old favorites at the Speicher house are: the annual Christmas Eve pineapple pizza dinners, Ben's "special" Merry Christmas wishing to Rachel, the euchre game from hell (in short, it dealt with an indie Japanese film, sibling rivalry, and Dave Gabhart), and of course there's the year Santa forgot to fill the stockings (I'm still a bit bitter about that one.) Each Christmas provides a new slew of events that will become the topics of discussion for the years to come. This year was no exception. Granted most people that read this will have no clue what I am talking about, but that's fine; you probably wouldn't get it anyway.

The Highlights of Christmas '07

1) The Webcam/Webkin Mixup
2) Can you say "socks?"
3) Grandpa's belt Bahaha
4) Rachel's fabulous outerwear modeling
5) ... Feel free to add on some of your own!