Monday, December 20, 2010

60 Days of Beauty: Days 8-14: Finals Week and Recovery

So, I am very aware that I severely slacked over the past week.  I did however continue to meditate on what I found beautiful each day even if I did not write it down here, so I will give you the highlights.  I would write more, but I would rather start anew and give today's actual writing its due.

December 13: Day 8: The Silver Lining!
I booked my flight for Colorado Springs this day!  I can't wait to be surrounded by mountains, hang out with old and new friends and introduce more kids to creative problem-solving with a Destination ImagiNation camp at the US Air Force Academy!!!

December 14: Day 9: Brain to the Grindstone
 God granted me the wonderful ability to memorize completely meaningless things--title, artist, date and history of 45 Renaissance art pieces, for example--in a very short amount of time.  On Tuesday I used this ability to kill my test for the next day.  Our culture celebrates talents such as athleticism and vocal skills.... I celebrate my memory.  Whew!

December 15: Day 10: theFinal theCanvas
As I have mentioned before, my main facet of church I attend is a laid-back, yet ruthlessly challenging bible study/conversation-based group called theCanvas.  Wednesday was our last meeting of the semester, and it was just really nice.  I've mentioned this before, but Canvas isn't kitschy; it isn't churchy; it isn't a free coffee break between studying.  It is hard to define apart from the stories that are made there.  Stories like atheists feeling welcome to sit at round tables, a leader admitting he learns as much from us as we do from him and inspiration being born before our eyes.  And, I only have one more semester to pour into it.

December 16: Day 11: Free at Last

The semester is over and I feel THIS GOOD!!!!

December 17: Day 12: Food for Thought
I am very thankful that I grew up with a basic knowledge of what constitutes good food and what constitutes bad food.  I lived on an organic farm for most of my life and many of my beliefs about food are deeply rooted.  I watched the movie Food, Inc. on Friday, which exposes the nastiness of the American food industry.  I am proud to say that although the statistics given were startling, I did not feel myself scared into changing everything about my diet.  Usually when people all of a sudden jolt themselves into a different lifestyle, it causes them to crash back to their old way of living just as hard.  I am taking a couple things into deeper consideration, but not in an unhealthy way.  I already make choices to eat more healthy and local, organic foods, but now I will try little by little to see what else I can do and what practices I can sustain.
this picture severely creeps me out.

December 18: Day 13: Growing Up
After seriously almost falling asleep driving from Bloomington to Bourbon, I jumped right back in the car to drive to South Bend and meet my Aunt and cousins for dinner at the Corndance Tavern. (Eat there it will change your life.)  Then we went to an art supply store and TJ Maxx to let my cousins pick out their Christmas gifts from my parents.  It was really nice to be able to relate more to my aunt now that I am getting older and to relate more to my cousins now that they are getting older.  It is interesting how that works... Like with many relationships, we seem to all be trying to play catch-up, but all along, without us knowing it, through investment we are growing closer all the time.

December 19: Day 14: JEANNA!
This day I got to hang out with the wonderful Jeanna Sell.  We have been best friends since fourth grade and she one of the first people I felt comfortable being completely goofy and weird around.  We watched Despicable Me together and it was like we were back in fourth grade.  It was wonderful and hilarious--both the movie and our friendship.
circa forever ago

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