Saturday, June 19, 2010

This summer:5: Aint Life Grand?

So today Charles and I made the 3 hour drive to Minot, North Dakota. We talked about life, love and whether or not Jell-o is made with horse hoofs. We were eagerly anticipating our arrival to the infamous Grand International Inn, which boasts to having Minot's largest swimming pool, not to mention being recently "Renamed, Remodeled, Redecorated & Refurbished" according to the website.
We arrived in the parking lot--shared with a used car lot--and immediately realized it might not be as "grand" as the website made it off to be...


It's not that it is a bad place to stay, but just sort of funny and ironic... lots of potential for stories... yeah. There are so many funny things about this place, starting with the one, tiny window not unlike a prison cell. Then there's the bathroom layout (the toilet is wedged diagonally underneath the counter), the decorations (straight out of the Twilight Zone), and the mirror conveniently placed BEHIND the TV. Good one guys. I was able to cover up the smell of smoke by dousing the room in Downey Wrinkle Releaser, so that was a nice discovery. Possibly the favorite feature of the room is the smattering of paper napkins with the following inscription:

So bizarre. Windshields? Thanks?
Also tonight, I witnessed one of the most stunning thing I have ever seen. I was watching a movie from my bed and I noticed through the cell window that the sky was a strange cotton candy pink, so I stood up and peeked outside. there was the most beautiful rainbow stretching across the entire city. A full, double, sunset rainbow. I nearly collapsed. And since the (not so) Grand International sits on the only hill in Minot, I had the most perfect view.

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