Saturday, June 5, 2010

This summer:

So, I got pretty dang close to my dream summer job. It involves travel, creativity, kids, meeting new people, hard work and adventure. I would have been stoked to do it even if it was just volunteer, but it pays well too!

Starting in a week, I will be leading week-long creative problem-solving camps for 7-14 year olds at various US Air Force bases through the non-profit organization Destination Imagination ( I was on DI teams for 5 years growing up and have volunteered in many capacities for the past 7 years. It had a huge role in helping me discover my interests and develop my confidence and problem-solving skills.

In nine weeks, I will be taking residence at the following US Air Force bases:
Grand Forks-North Dakota
Minot-North Dakota
(Free Week in Japan)
Misawa-Japan (Northern countryside)
Yokota-Japan (Tokyo area)
Osan-South Korea (Seoul area)
Kadena-Japan (Okinawa area aka tropical island)

My partner Charles and I will lead one or two 4-hour camps Monday-Friday at the camps' rec centers, then travel on Saturday and set up at the next base on Sunday.

My best friends are going to be my passport, my camera and adventure... well, and hopefully Charles. ha

Anyway, I'll try to keep this thing updated on my tales and adventures... possibly some pictures, but those will probably mostly be on the old facebook. Until then...

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