Friday, August 6, 2010

Lists: Warm Fuzzies

adventure, Amelia Earhart, aprons, babies, banjo, bare feet, bare toenails, beards, Big Fish, blackberries, blanket forts, boardgames, bonfire smell, boulders, burnt orange, chinchillas, cookies, dragon flies, fake tattoos, fairs, family, floating, freedom, freeze pops, gangsta rap, getting lost, gifts, ginger, harmony, homemade jewelry, homemade popcorn, incense, letters, life, light, magpies, maps, melon, microscopes, multivitamins, Native American crafts, New Orleans, nightingales, Norman Rockwell, old trees, pancakes, peas, photo prints, picnic blankets, poignant children's movies and literature, polka dots, sanctuary, scars, singing too loudly, sketches, spiders, sunrises, surprises, Tae-bo, tasting new foods, tea, teal, tee-ball games, Tennessee scratch-offs, the smell of libraries, travel, understatement, unnecessary friendly competition, whispering, wind, wool socks, zucchini.

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