Sunday, July 30, 2006


Shortly after arriving at my fake families annual Prairie Camp carry-in lunch thing at Sharron's (unairconditioned) cabin, I realized it was a mistake to have come. Why you ask?

1) Right when I got there Brittany called me on my cell to tell me I was supposed to be working at that very moment in old Bourbon town 45 minutes away. Luckily Brittany sorted that out--but I now owe her a chocolate chip pancake breakfast.

2) It was bloody hot outside not to mention inside the cabin.

3) There were about 25 people there that I only sort of knew, so awkwardness was at its highest.

4) I was designated as the official babysitter which entails being the all-time merry-go-round pusher.

But tonight I get to go to Spirit and Truth at church , so it is all worth it in the end, right?


Have a great day.


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