Monday, March 7, 2011

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!

So, I figure it's time to get back in the blog game...  I wish I could have finished the 60 Days Challenge, but my computer broke, school started back up and I was sick for literally 7 weeks straight.  boo.  Perhaps I will finish the second half another time.  It was a great exercise and encouragement.

Anyway, I am halfway through my last semester of college and couldn't be more excited to see where life takes me from here.  I am looking at a few options right now including teaching nature education (much like Ben has done) in California, teaching English in South Korea, or sticking around Bloomington for one more year, working and enjoying the amazing community.  My plan right now is to work for a couple (few?) years making money, gaining interesting life experience and teaching experience, and then pursuing a teaching certificate through a Transition to Teaching Program.  TTP allows people with any college degree to earn a teaching certificate or teaching master's degree in 3 semesters (one being student teaching.)  Also, since i am in no rush, waiting will allow me to save up money, figure things out and not go into debt paying for school.

I realized after working with Destination ImagiNation Air Force Camps last summer how much I love teaching, especially in the experiential realm.  It's funny because my freshman year here at IU I almost switched my major to education, but decided that I would like the journalism classes better and by majoring in journalism and then pursuing teaching later if I so chose, I would have more job options.  This looks like the case, but we shall see.

On Thursday morning I leave for Fairbanks, Alaska, to lead another creative problem-solving camp for Air Force kids.  I AM SO EXCITED!  I think Americans in general have a strange fascination with Alaska, so when you add in my thirst for adventure and love of nature, well, you can imagine my excitement.  I am going a couple days early so I can be sure to have some time to explore.  It is always unclear what kind of access civilian contractors will have getting on and off base, and I would absolutely die if I didn't get to do some exploring in Alaska.

I will be staying at Billie's Bed and Breakfast (aka a backpacker's hostel:  Billie seems to be a wonderful older woman and has run the hostel for the past 20 years (Alaska's oldest hostel!)  She also raises pugs, so that should be interesting!  I read on the Official City of Fairbanks Website that March is a great time to see the northern lights, so I am also pumped about seeing that and taking sweet pictures.

That's all for now, but check back for Alaska and travel updates soon!!!!

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  1. wow that hostel sounds great! free tents and coffee! woop woop! i certainly have an uncanny obsession with the idea of going to alaska as well. live the dream, aud! (then tell me how you did it so i can go do it too). and hey, i think that you're going to be a truly terrific teacher. that just makes sense. you're going to love reading stories to kids ;)