Sunday, November 28, 2010

You have an Eagle personality.

I was rifling through some old stuff on my computer and found this quiz result I had saved.  Must have struck a chord:

You have an Eagle personality. These Birds of Prey are some of the wildest of nature's beings. Though they can be tamed they always retain some of their wild spirit. Most see the Eagle as a wandering spirit but it only seems that way to the untrained eye. In actuality you as an Eagle personality have issues being tied down in relationships and in places sometimes not because you want to be elsewhere just that you want the freedom to be elsewhere if you choose. You aren't the most trusting individual but you are the most well known. Eagle personalities are few and far between but they tend to stand out in a crowd as if they don't belong with them, mainly because they are fairly solitary: they might be the artist who sits in the corner and doesn't communicate, they might be the popular person who has lots of acquaintances but very few actual friends. Being an Eagle means you have an inner core of strength which you unfortunately have to use quite frequently since you are uncomfortable leaning on others and have difficulties sharing your personal and innermost thoughts. Eagles get along great with foxes and bears but should try to stay away from a wolf or horse personality.

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