Monday, September 13, 2010

Lists: Never have I ever....

1) ....played paintball.
2) ....been to Europe.
3) ....had a date to prom..
4) ....sang karaoke in public. (revision: done!)
5) ....skinny-dipped. (revision: done! haha)
6) ....gone to a bar-only establishment. (revision: done!)
7) ....been tubing or water skiing. (revision: did it!)
8) ....been in a tanning bed.
9) ....been TPing.
10) ....enjoyed a bite of green bean casserole.
11) ....been to a drive in movie.
12) ....rode a mechanical bull.
13) ....been to a haunted Halloween venue.


  1. man, the only one of those I can say is the tanning bed.

  2. dude i've done all of those! AUDREY COME ON, i'm helping you out with some of these when we're next together. we'll go tanning to get ready for our own prom, with a dinner of green bean casserole washed down with wine, we'll see a drive in movie, TP the sojo house, go to a bar only karaoke establishment, throw balls of paint at the people we don't like, tear of our clothes and run in a lake and tube down a lazy river that goes all the way to europe. you in or you in?