Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lists: Things I am bad at

So today a friend jokingly said to me, "Audrey, is there anything you aren't good at?!"
It got me thinking... and here are my thoughts...

I am bad at:

not fidgeting
accepting compliments
jumping high
8x7, 9x6 and 9x7**
not getting cavities
eating green bean casserole***
free-style rap
intelligently critiquing or writing poetry
formatting a blog
digesting carrots****
looking cool in a bike helmet
skating on hockey skates
responding to letters
not being awkward
not being overly-competitive
waking up on time

*both gracefully and cool-like
**I can't keep these multiplications straight for the life of me. I think I missed the critical stage of life where I should have memorized these.
***I gag every time. Just nasty.
****TMI, I know. haha

1 comment:

  1. I just read this, and while we are good at very different things, we are bad at pretty much the same things.