Friday, June 30, 2006

Tribute to the Razzle

Refering to Jeanna Sell's last entry, I too have been drawn to the Bourbon Video/Tanning/ Ice Cream out of pure curiousity of the treat which they call "Razzle." Only a few short hours ago, I venture out on a quest to discover the truth about this creamy confectionary. This is what I discovered. Not only is the Razzle creamy and cold, but it is indeed, for lack of a better word, razzleicious! For those of you sad, sorry souls unfamiliar with the greatness of the Bourbon Video/Tanning/Ice Cream ice cream, a Razzle is the Dairy Queen equivalent of the Blizzard, the Ritter's equivalent of the Glacier, and the McDonald's equivalent of the McFlurry. Do not be skeptical of the pure, ice tastiness of the Razzle, as I once was, solely because its lack of a cold sounding name (ie. Blizzard, Glacier, McFlurry). While these other treats must rely on a cold sounding name to sell, the Razzle stands alone in its razzley state and has no need for a cold name. It is what it is. And it is THE RAZZLE.

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